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Discover new music on Rocketpoll
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Discover new music on Rocketpoll The Markleys
Discover new music on Rocketpoll
Ratcliff Bailey
Discover new music on Rocketpoll

Uncover the music that lies within.

The Stratocaster feels good in your hands. Or maybe it's a Fender-Rhodes, Pearl drums, a P-bass, or a Shure mic that you play. No matter. Your music is a conduit to your soul that connects you to kindred spirits. You are welcome here. Connect.

Wield your inner critic. If you don't play but you know good music when you hear it, listen to the artists here. Chart new stars by casting your vote for music played by unsung heroes of a generation. Follow your own compass. Find artists that touch you, and call them your own. Distinguish your iPod and stay out of the mainstream. Or. . . create a new mainstream.

We will show you how to cut great recordings using modern technology for pennies. Listeners will hear you and place you high on the chart. People will ask, "Where have you been all these years?" Tell them you were paying your dues.

No cover charge. Instant tabulation.

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A place to reveal your inner musician. Unleash your inner critic. Connect with players.

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