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To rate songs
To buy songs
To submit songs

1. To rate songs:
Click the link to any song on the Rating Chart or in the Rate These Songs column of the home page.

You'll be taken to the song's rating page:

Listen to the song, then click one of the buttons to rate the song between 1 and 10. Click submit.

You'll be taken to a page that will tell you what your rate was, what the song's current rating is after your rating was received, the songs current rank, and how many people have voted for the song. After 100 people have voted for any one song, that song's voting will be closed and its rank and rating will become permanent.

To start rating songs, click here.

2. To buy songs:

Click any "Buy this song" button in the song's pages, or in the Rating Chart or Current Chart. You'll be taken to the PayPal shopping cart.

Press the continue button to continue shopping for more songs. After completing the Paypal checkout, click submit. A download dialog box will appear. Click "Save" and save it to a folder on your computer.

3. To submit songs:
Click either the Artist Registration or the Artist Login link. There is no fee. Registration and submission of songs is free.

To be paid, you must submit a valid email address, name and street address, and be registered with Paypal to receive payments. Payments will be sent to you via email on a quarterly basis (every three months) using Paypal's payment service. Songs will be sold for $0.99 per download. Artists will receive $0.50 for each of the Artist's song's that is sold.

To submit a song you must be the holder of all rights to the song, or have the permission of all owners to make the submission. Any person who submits a song without obtaining such ownership or permission is subject to civil and criminal penalties.

We are here to support artists and their listeners. We will protect the privacy and rights of all users of this site, however, we will readily disclose the identities and information of any persons who violate the rights of musicians or their listeners.

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