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Just a couple of hits was all it took, I became a love junkie and I'm hopelessly hooked.
I got nothing to prove, not one single thing
I don't care nothing about a house or a ring
I'm sure it will be this way my whole life thru
I don't want no substitute, I want YOU.

I got hit with a brick with just one look, that's all the coaxing that love monkey took
I don't have any hidden agenda that you don't know about
it's all right there, and really quite simple, let there be no doubt
I want something much more that someone to put it to
I don't need no options, I WANT YOU

I can see you I can hear you I can feel you I can sense you
everywhere I go
It's much too late to shop around, There's nothing else I need to know
I don't need any storybook to tell me, your foot fits my gl**# shoe
I don't want no reason, I WANT YOU

Discover new music on Rocketpoll
'I Want You' by Ratcliff Bailey

Ironton, Ohio, USA.
Genre: Power Pop.
Ratcliff Bailey's website:
Comments by Ratcliff Bailey:
An excercise in single-mindedness

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This song is about. . .

This song is about getting past all the detais to the main point, the attraction