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You cannot wait to play it safe
the price is too high for you to afford
you gamble like an alcoholic drinks in volume
washing away all the plunder you've stored

Take up your cross or be hung upon it
how far are you willing to go?
how far to distance yourself from you

Thief of the day that steals the light,
and begs the night to stay away
a harbor burgular thinks they'll be caught
pilfering this abandoned prey

and so in the final showdown, standing on even ground
the unfortunate gun-barrel blaze will be the final sound

You can't afford to play it safe
You can't afford to play it safe
not while the world's coming down

Discover new music on Rocketpoll
'Play it Safe' by Ratcliff Bailey

Ironton, Ohio , USA.
Genre: Rock.
Ratcliff Bailey's website:
Comments by Ratcliff Bailey:
You can't afford to play it safe

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deals and doublecrosses will be dealt with at a later date