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When you don't call, I guess that explains it all
no need I guess, to dread, we were always hanging by a single thread
and no spider could weave a web so tight
that doesn't give a true reason why we're not together tonight
when there's simply no more words
then saying anymore would simply be absurd

When there's simply no more words
then trying any more would simply be absurd

Lost communication in a cellphone nation
so deep the shallow of our relation

I finally realize that you don't care
when you're no longer there

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'When You Don't Call' by Ratcliff Bailey

Ironton, Ohio, USA.
Genre: MOTOWN.
Ratcliff Bailey's website:
Comments by Ratcliff Bailey:
Our take on a Motown sound

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This song is about. . .

This is a sad love song that we wanted to put a MoTown groove on