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You're to Blame


The end is near
(Youíre world is coming to an end)
Can you feel it all around you now
(Falling down around you)
The evidence is clear
(Unfolding right before your eyes)
Still doubt surrounds you now


Not so loud
Youíve got to watch what you say
If they hear you
They will take you away

Resistance is futile
If you try
You will pay
Just go with the flow

If they tell you
Itís hot when itís cold
You better just believe them
And do what youíre told

It doesnít really matter
What you think
Cause they know
Theyíll show you the way


You try to speak
(Blasphemic thoughts into the light)
No one hears what youíre saying
(Your voice is drowned out by the crowd)
They call you a fool
(how could you know anything)
This is no game theyíre playing


Holy messengers proclaim from on high
If you donít listen youíre going to die
Never mind they donít do as they say
You are to blame

Youíre to blame

'You're to Blame' by Broken
Gig Harbor, WA, USA.
Genre: Rock.
Broken's website: .
Comments by Broken:

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